Thursday, June 22, 2006

Video in church

At our elders' meeting last evening, we talked about some expansion ideas for the near future. One of them was using video as an alternative teaching tool. We've been using the Alpha videos with Nicky Gumbel for years now with great success, so why not expand its use to include the regular services?

The way I suggested that we would introduce the concept of video, so that the church could slowly adapt, would be something like this:

1. We'll begin by setting up 3 monitors in each lobby to put all of our announcements , advertising and missionary trip pictures on a revolving cycle. We may even add in clips of a church softball game or kids camp

2. We'll begin setting a camera up on the stage and showing what's happening in the sanctuary, out in the lobby.

3. Start using video clips, interviews, and testimonies more regularly in the service. When one of us pastors is away, we will give greetings to the church from wherever we are.

4. From time to time we can video the 9 am service and when I arrive at 10 or 11 o'clock service, I'll simply play the video.

5. We'll record our seminars such as Leadership development, Beta or Life Purpose and use video to teach the classes.

6. We'll offer alternative venues with live worship and a video teaching; say on Thursday at 7:30 pm or Sunday at 8 am or at a seniors' home. The music style might vary according to whom we want to target.

7. We'll use the video and stream it on the web for viewing around the world.

8. We can add a fourth service on Sunday morning; two at 9 am (at different campuses) and two at 11 am. At the same trime we can add a service with a live pastor and worship team at any number of other cities and towns as church plants.

Think along with us how video can be used to expand the Kingdom of God. I'd love to hear your ideas. Meanwhile I'll keep you updated.

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chocolate b said...

I do not like this. But then I do not like 'the screen'.


I hope it does not come to this. It would be so impersonal. I think MANY would walk away from the church if this happened. I love the personableness of hearing you and Pastor Terry preach. To hear your voice especiallly when the Spirit of God touches either of you.