Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thank God for Politicians

I enjoyed having lunch with the Mayor of Port Coquitlam today. I'm not sure why anyone would want to serve in local, provincial and national politics, but I sure am appreciative that some do. In my view, a person would have to be very altruistic to want to expose himself to so many controversies. No matter what decision they make, there will always be a good group of people who oppose them. I can't imagine what pastoring a church would be like if you had to get voted in every few years . (I realize that some churches actually operate that way)

I think my responsibility as pastor is to not only cooperate with our civic leaders, but also to pray for and speak supportively of them. In our case, both in PoCo and Coquitlam, that's an easy assignment. I"ve found all of them to be extremely congenial and cooperative. In reality, we both have the same ideals; to make our cities and neighborhoods safe, healthy and prosperous places to work.

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