Monday, June 19, 2006

Gardening with God

Barbara Walters used to ask her famous question, "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?" For me, not that she has asked me, I'd like to be a cedar tree. This picture is a cedar that I planted in my back yard a few years ago. As often happens, a tiny seed blew into my yard and settled into the soft soil. A year later, there was a 2" sprig sitting in my garden. I have a hard time disgarding little trees--they are so full of promise that even though I don't have space, I find somewhere to transplant them. Maybe after they grow I can give them away to one of my kids.

This tree has grown into a lovely strnog tree with about a 4" thick trunk. Now it's too big to move. I like cedars for several reasons: They're attractive to look at, they smell great, are very useful for building ( the cedar wood resists decay and rot), they grow huge. The first gowth trees in B.C. grew to be 400 feet tall, with trunks that were 12 feet across. But most of all they are slow and steady in their growth. They are not blown over by strong winds and will even survive a couple of years of drought. Their secret of course is the strong and lengthy roots that hold them secure through all kinds of adversity.

Best of all, God chose to use cedar in the costruction of his holy themple. Allof the furniture, including the altar and the arkof the covenant were made of cedar which was covered in gold.
Each of us are now part of the spiritual temple of God, so I guess we souild all aspire to be like the little cedar tree in my back yard. Do you see now why I couldn't not plant it?

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