Friday, October 19, 2007

October 18.

Today I left home early to be in Calgary for a meeting with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) this is a group who work at tying together all the Denominations, churches and Parachurch groups across Canada. They positively represent the 6 million believers in the media, Government and the Courts. Today about a hundred Denominational and parachurch groups (mission agencies, newspapers, discipleship groups, youth congresses etc) are talking about current trends and how we have to adapt our church culture to meet the needs and philosophies of the post-modern generation! (I know what you're thinking!- it's hard for me to wrap my head around too!) Its also a great place to meet peers who face the same challenges I do. Its been interesting to say the least I'll be home late tonight, a much wiser and more informed pastor!

Monday, October 15—Nanaimo and Victoria

Yesterday, Susan and I took an early ferry to Vancouver Island to visit a couple of pastor couples. We had a wonderful lunch at the home of Barry and Linnea Hansen in Nanaimo. They pastor a healthy church which meets in probably the nicest facility in all of Foursquare Canada. We pray for continued fruitfulness in the bustling city of Nanaimo.

After lunch, we headed south to the capital of BC, Victoria—one of the most visited vacation spots in Canada. Our Victoria church has had a rather tumultuous history which goes way back to the 1960’s or before. Susan and I were so pleased to get to know Neil and Barb Blackstock a bit better and to see how new foundations are being laid for good growth in their city. We pray for God’s blessing on both our Victoria and Nanaimo churches.

Saturday, October 13, 2007—Steve and Elisabeth’s wedding

I do a lot of weddings (10-20 in a summer season) and I enjoy them all, but I loved marrying my dear friends Steve Haase and Elisabeth Holmes. Elisabeth works many hours a week in a variety of ministries, especially with the Higher Ground group, of our church. She also writes a daily devotional which you can subscribe to for free It’s free but worth a million dollars.

Steve and Elisabeth’s wedding was a blast—a true testimony of our redeeming God. They will both tell you they led pretty messed up lives and Jesus has turned them inside out and right side up! They made a vow at the start of their relationship that they would not kiss until married; so when I said “go” after the declaration, we had a hard time getting them to take a breath!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 7, 2007—Thanksgiving Sunday

We have a wonderful series of Thanksgiving services today at church. It’s so good to be back with my friends at Northside. Both, Kelly’s (our eldest daughter) and Max’s (her son who is now 7) birthdays fall on the Thanksgiving weekend, so our turkey dinners are also birthday dinners. Max wanted Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie for his birthday cake! He’s now enjoying grade 2 along with soccer, hockey and piano lessons.
After Max’s celebration, Susan and I gave all the kids gifts we brought home from Europe. They all are Manchester United fans so we bought the boys jersey’s from Italy. When we were there Alex sent me an email to ask if we’d bought them a gift. I emailed him back and said there was a sale on the Turkey Football team jerseys. He was so afraid he’d have to wear their team shirts to school. You should have seen the relief when he opened up his Man U jersey. Madeline and Victoria got “Ciao Bella” t-shirts because they are our princesses.
Office Renos
Before we left for Europe I lost my office at the church because we are expanding our sanctuary to hold another 225 seats. When we purchased our new office space for the National Church I was relieved that I’d have a place to hang my hat—and then we began renos there. Here’s what our new offices looked like last week. The plan is that they will be finished for convention next week! We’ll see! Open House is next Friday, so please pray.

Sunday, September 9, 2007—Kaitlyn Joy’s Dedication

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ve accumulated some good pictures that I want to share, so here it goes!

Last month, just before we left for Europe, I had the privilege of dedicating the daughter of my niece Carissa and her husband Matt. Beautiful Kaitlyn was born on March 17, 2007. Her name means “virtuous, pure, and favored by God. So she’s “pure joy”! What an awesome promise is wraqpped in this delicate package. May Matt and Carissa enjoy many years of fun and fruitfulness with their little princess!

Cruise Pictures

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sat. Septemer 29

Yesterday was the last day on the Legend of the Seas and we spent most of it docked at Naples Italy.

Our friends and we decided to take a hydro-foil across the Mediterranean to the beautiful Isle of Capris. Unfortunately the water was so rough, many of the passengers on the 50 minute ride became very sick. It took about an hour after landing to regain our strength again. But with a couple of 5 Euro Sprites and a bit of Dramamine (Gravol) we were ready to ride up the cliffs by Funicular (cablecar) to see the spectacular view.

The ultra expensive town is built into the mountainside with narrow stone streets winding throughout.

All we could afford was a couple of very authentic pizzas when we had hiked to the top, but they were worth the trip! Capris with its awesome view was a must see destination

Another shot of medicine and an equally rough ride back returned us to the ship. We arrived in time to eat again and pack up for our departure

Saturday morning we were up early to disembark. About 9 we headed by car down the Italian Coast, a couple of hours to the small picturesque Seaside village of Sperlonga. Our hotel balcony overlooks a sandy beach and the Mediterranean Sea. I won't say how beautiful and inexpensive it is because too many tourists would spoil the local flavor. 3 huge meals a day costs an extra 3 Euros for the day!

We'll stay here for the duration of our vacation to rest after an exhausting cruise. We'll read and write a few more sermons. Blessings to all you are still at home working!