Monday, January 14, 2008

January 13, 2008

This week after our 3 morning services I was privileged to speak to our Northside Korean congregation. Pastor Changhun Suk gives leadership to this growing group of believers. By Spring, we'll have simultaneous translations in our 10am service to both Chinese & Korean.

Praise Le Balintaculo

While I was in Toronto, I took a half-hour to drop in on one of my Filipino "daughters". Praise Le moved from the Ilo Ilo area to serve as a care-giver for a dear Jewish family. It was such a warm delight to have tea with her and her kids.
Praise Le is representative of the 100's of thousands of Filipinos who've moved to Canada over the last years. I'm asking the 2200 Foursquare Churches of the Philippines to advise us of any Foursquare members who've moved to Canadian cities. We already have several Filipino congregations either going now or ready to begin across our nation.

January 9, 2008 Toronto the Good

Today I left for a quick trip to the Greater Toronto Area where fully one-third of our Canadian population live. I spent one day with Pastor Ron Morin visiting pastors & church facilities he has been influential in bringing into the Foursquare fold.

It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm of a range of multi-ethnic leaders God has raised up in Toronto. Caribbean, Brazilian, African, Filipino, Bulgarian, Spanish churches are representative of the most multi-cultural city in Canada.

I met with Marion Raymond who serves as the "bishop" of Ontario churches. As a mom and spiritual overseer, Marion enjoys wide respect and honor.

January 8, 2008 National Board

The Foursquare Church of Canada is overseen by a Board from across the Nation. 5 or 6 times a year we meet to pray and discuss the business of the church. Topics such as church properties being sold or purchased, finances, insurance, pastoral changes and national growth strategies provide major points of discussion.

The National Board is elected by the Membership of our National church and they hold the highest authority in the Foursquare denomination. I as the president, serve the church under the appointment of the Board.

Alongside of me are also two other significant groups of leaders. An Executive Council of 5 work with me to give me counsel concerning all the daily matters of church life. In meetings, such as we had all day yesterday, we pray about and discuss pastoral care and health, leadership development and enrichment, church growth and expansion and overseas missions.

Then there are Unit Supervisors of our 8 regions across Canada who provide for me a hands-on touch with our pastors and churches. These invaluable men and women represent me in the day to day oversight of our churches and pastors.

I thank God for these 3 groups of spiritual elders in our Canadian Church. They, along with Rebecca, Rhonda and Tina on our National Staff are gifts of God to the Foursquare Gospel Church and to me. They are also my dearly loved friends! I pray that each of them will be generously rewarded for their generous gifts of service, with God's power, peace and prosperity.

January 4-7, 2008

Rather than buy gifts this year, Susan and I decided to treat our kids and grandkids to three nights and four days up the mountain. We chose a large home up at Big White to rent for the 12 of us.

What a gorgeous setting. The snow was deep and lush – the trees, as Madeline said were like brides dressed in white lace for their weddings.

The grandkids all took ski lessons and had a ball skiing, snowboarding and tubing. But best of all was sitting around the table as a family. Kelly took breakfast, Kristy, lunch, and Susan and I prepared dinner each evening. It was a restful, exhausting, refreshing and fun week together.

On Sunday afternoon we got in our cars and headed home – back to reality. Monday morning work waits!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

December 26, 2007

On Boxing Day, Susan and I joined with my brothers Dave and Rob, and their wives, for a ferry ride to Parksville. Usually all of our Buzza family (6 siblings, our spouses, plus 50+ kids and grandkids) get together; but this year we joined my 2 sisters, Linda & Heather (and husbands) at Linda’s and Al’s home in Parksville. We had a ball walking on the beach, eating and playing games – boys against the girls (boys won!).

I haven’t spent much time at the office other than to do what was necessary, but God’s doing some very big things in both our church and the National Church. I’ll write about both as events unfold.

After spending New Year’s with family, doing some painting of our home, and keeping up with work necessities, our immediate family took a mini-vacation together up at Big White near Kelowna.

December 25, 2007

Christmas morning was quiet for Susan and me. We sat, had coffee and watched the twinkling Christmas tree lights; while our kids spent time with their in-laws.
After lunch, I picked up Susan’s mom and we all got together to open our presents and visit before turkey dinner. Thank God for the family he’s given us!

December 24, 2007

I love our Christmas Eve Services as much as any all year. I lead the one at 6pm and Terry officiates at 11pm. We squeeze more people into that service than any all year. There’s something about the single Nativity story and Christmas carols that draws people. It’s fun to watch as neighbors and family fill the streets walking to the service.

After we go home, Christmas Eve is one of the times our family gets together to eat, laugh and watch our grandkids open their stockings. This year several friends joined in the fun.

December 21, 2007

It’s been a long, but refreshing Winter break for our family. Our Christmas season began with Susan’s birthday on December 21. We all (Our daughters Kelly and Kristy, their husbands and their six kids) went out to dinner to Montana’s – the moose horns are to honor Susan for her birthday.

Then we headed to Capilano Suspension Bridge to take the decorated walk over the deep and dark valley. We spent about an hour enjoying the lights and scenery and then returned to have cake and open presents. For Susan, being with our grandkids is the happiest way to celebrate.