Monday, January 14, 2008

Praise Le Balintaculo

While I was in Toronto, I took a half-hour to drop in on one of my Filipino "daughters". Praise Le moved from the Ilo Ilo area to serve as a care-giver for a dear Jewish family. It was such a warm delight to have tea with her and her kids.
Praise Le is representative of the 100's of thousands of Filipinos who've moved to Canada over the last years. I'm asking the 2200 Foursquare Churches of the Philippines to advise us of any Foursquare members who've moved to Canadian cities. We already have several Filipino congregations either going now or ready to begin across our nation.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Barry, thank you very much for being so close to us Filipinos. Maybe, if you trace your roots, you have a Filipino ancestry.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Buzza, im a sister of Praise Le Balintaculo here in the Philippines.. Some correction sir, she's not from Iloilo City, she was from Bacolod City, Philippines.. She studied SMC in Iloilo City, that's why you've meet there... Anyways, thank you, because you've put her in your blog... As i surf the net, i find your blog...and i fond reading it.. Godbless. Godspeed! /

Anonymous said...

dad i was so amazed to read your blog..i am so proud and happy to be one of your daughter..iloveoyou dad and again im teary eyed to read it..Godbless you and mom susan...takecare