Monday, June 29, 2009

Wisdom & Wonder

June 7, 2009

This evening was a very big night for our kids church! It was the launching of our new curriculum for kids - Wisdom & Wonder.

A couple of years ago I stated as one of our 7-year objectives, that we would write & publish a new curriculum for our kids. It's my desire to disciple our children from 0-18 to be firmly rooted followers of Jesus.

Our Children's Pastor, Ingrid Janzen, took up the torch and ran with it. Erin Caldwell and a strong team of professional educators have now completed year 1 of "Wisdom & Wonder", for Nursery, preschoolers, children and tweeners. It's an awesome curriculum, all available on the web.

On Sunday the team introduced the new program, we ordained our Kids Church leaders, anointed them with oil and celebrated this wonderful milestone!

God bless our children as they Grow, Know & Sow!

BC Christian Academy

June 5, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to speak at the chapel service of BC Christian Academy High School. What a sharp group of young teens!

I loved being in the school for more than to bless the kids and teachers. It was the school where my kids attended Elementary and the very gym in which we began Northside Church in 1979. A very nostalgic morning!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mother's Day

I loved the letter that Victoria (our grade 1 granddaughter) wrote to her Mommy, Kelly, for Mother's Day. I thought you might be as inspired as I was. It is written in her own words/letters:

Guess How much I Love you...

I Love you more then the

watermelon driping down my chin.
more than the sun setting over
the tall, tall Mountains. I Love
you more than Max and Alex
happily playing at Jacob's
house. I Love you more than
all the sweet smells of all
the flowers blooming. more than
all the fireflies shining in the
dark night. more than Me and Max
wrestling on a hot sunny day.

Guess how long I'll love you...

I'll Love you until a
volcano BURST! with lava rocks
till th eearth cracks in BIG CHUNKS!
till my soul rises to heaven until a hurricane
comes and when a tsunami washes to shore.

Love Victoria

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Korean Foursquare Church

What an honor it was for me & Susan to be invited to speak at the 26th Anniversary Service of our burgeoning Korean Foursquare Church in Vancouver's East end.

Our Korean family know how to honor their leaders (the service was designed to honor two retiring elders) and how to celebrate God's blessings.

After the service, we feasted with Pastor Sam (and Chung) and a few of the Church elders.