Monday, June 12, 2006

Gardening with God

I can't imagine gardening without God. Really; can you fathom seeing a rose like this one in our front yard and not having anyone to thank? I know it's true with everything that God has created, but wow! Lord You are awesome--this yellow rose is beautiful. I consider it as a personal gift to me.

There are some things about roses that lift them above their peers. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are delicate to feel, smell terrific, are even edible, and bring great joy to those around them. We purchased this particular Rose bush for only 1 dollar. In truth the Garden shop owner was going to throw it out, because it didn't meet the standards of other plants around it. To me that is a challenge I'm up to--we took it home, pruned it, and pampered it over the last few years. By the second summer our new little bush was flourishing.

There's a season to Roses. All winter long they prepare themselves for Springtime, and then suddenly in God's perfect timing, new branches, leaves and buds appear. Now in June, they blossom. Lovelier than one would ever imagine they could be. When one bud fades, several more will take its place. This one will cheer up my life for a lifetime. God and I will make sure of that!

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