Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Graduation Day

I always love Sundays. They are supposed to be encouraging and stimulating, and that's what this Sunday was for me! Every June at around this time, we honor our graduates; not just the ones who are finishing High School and College, but also those little ones in our church family who are moving from one season to another. This week in all 3 services we had the tykes who were "graduating" from nursery to their big 2 year old class, walk under the arch of honor and receive their special gift and a welcome to their new department. We did the same with the kindergarten classes moving into Grade 1 (that's my granddaughter Madeline receiving her grad certificate), the grade 6 kids move up to the youth class, and best of all, the grade 10's get to sit in church and listen to me.

Graduations are what I call pivotal points in life. They are a bit scarey because everything is new and we're pushed out of our comfort zones, but again that's how we grow. Encouraging is when we say "Good job ! Congratulations you passed!" But stimulation comes when we are kicked out of the nest and have to learn to fly with the big birds!

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Blake Wyatt said...

Hi Barry,

As always I enjoyed the graduation services. This year was a real eye opener as kids that I remember being born are starting to graduate!

I'm nowhere near old, but this definitely makes me feel like more of a seasoned vet!