Monday, June 19, 2006

Thankyou Father

Yesterday I gave my Sunday message about honoring our fathers, as we've been commanded to by Father God. As I was preparing I had more than one occasion to think about the number of dads who are difficult to honor--almost every week I listen to horrendous stories about distant , absent, or abusive fathers who have mis-shapened or mis-directed their precious children. I can hardly imagine how grieved God must be when he sees us abusing our trusts.

Yet we still must honor our parents--not only because God tells us to, but for several other reasons too. My entire 2 week message will be available on my web; Life Pathways Audio program in a couple of weeks, and the notes are always posted on our web, but here are 4 reasons that we are told to honor our dads:

1. Not honoring our fathers robs life from us. Because we were created in the image of God, the health of our spirit and soul are a reflection of the love that we choose to give.

2. There are physical effects that flow from dishonor.

3. Honor shines a light on the path before us and keeps us out of darkness.

4. Honoring our parents opens the door to our destiny.

Thankyou Father that you gave me and my siblings a father who is so easy to love and honor. And thankyou dad for being such a great and trustworthy role model.

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