Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Miracle Wedding

This afternoon I was privileged to officiate at a remarriage. A couple of dear friends, Joe and Debbie McFadden, went through a full dress Wedding Ceremony today in the presence of about 100 friends and family. In a couple of weeks I'll be showing an interview in church (see picture) that I did with Joe as a testimony of God's great grace.

Joe hit the streets as a 10 year old boy, living by petty theivery and ultimately off the sex trade on the streets of Vancouver. Dad had deserted the family and mom could most often be found drunk on the couch. Joe learned early to survive any way he could. About 4 years ago, a golfing buddy, who attends our church, and Joe were sitting in a ferry line-up. Because there are no co-incidents with God, Robby used the time to introduce the spiritually hungry young man into a relationship with Jesus.

I don't know if I've ever seen a couple mature as quickly as Joe and Debbie. They jumped into every ministry that they were allowed. They now lead an ushers team at our 9 am service, as well as head up a signifigant kids church program on Saturday night. A while ago Joe told me that there was not one kid in his large group who had two parents. Joe understands them and they listen to him.

One regret that Joe had was that he and Debbie had never had a Christian wedding. Theirs had been a civil ceremony and a drunken bash. So he spared no expense in putting on a wonderful Christian wedding celebration as a deep expression of his love for Debbie and for God. I was thrilled to partner with them in their nuptuals. It was so fitting to hear the great hymn, Amazing Grace as we received communion together.

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