Monday, June 26, 2006

Gardening with God

Yesterday I finally got smart and installed individual watering spouts for all of our many hanging baskets. It has been a big job, mostly by Susan, to water all the baskets every day. Because we're going away for a few days in July to see our grandkids in Disneyland, and because these last few days have been so hot, I figured I'd give the new system a try. I guess lesson #1 for me was how easy some tasks that I tend to procrastinate doing, are.

But the #2 lesson was that we, like our flower baskets, need to be consistently watered by the Holy Spirit. I received an email from a man today who has been walking through a particularly challenging season in his life. It wasn't the time for me to preach a sermon to him about trusting God through the hard times, but I did remind him how important it is to be daily nurtured by the Holy Spirit. One lost day will tend to begin the drying out slide backwards.

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