Thursday, April 06, 2006

Helping Others Serve

I've been a little under the weather (despite my new image) and out of town so I have not had time to respond to many of your comments and emails regarding the airing of my interview on It's a New Day. I hope to be caught up soon. I appreciate all your feedback!

Yesterday, in Courtenay (that's a town on Vancouver Island for those of you surfing through from out of the area), I had dinner with a delightful couple, Lloyd and Marie from the Courtenay Foursquare Church. They have a passion to work with people who are ready to come out of addictions and dysfunctions.

I listened to my new friends share their excitement and gratitude to God for the strong work of hope and freedom he’d done in their lives, and their desire to see the same in others. I was inspired as we talked, with their big God-sized vision.

Lloyd and Marie are going to be using my Higher Ground 12 Step Manual (she’s already read it through several times) so I responded that we would be happy to serve them in any way we can. God loves to see people set free, but he also jumps up and down with joy when he sees people with his passion, find their purpose and go for it. What a happy evening we spent together!

It s Palm Sunday this weekend, so I'd better get back to work.


P.S. Do your children like to colour? Thru-the-Bible Coloring Pages (for Ages 4-8) has a Palm Sunday image you can print out.

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