Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter — How we Celebrate as a Family

Easter has always been a very important family celebration for both Susan and me. Each of us grew up in a family where all the kid’s would get new clothes and shoes to wear to church on Sunday. (My sisters, Susan and her sister would always get a new bonnet to match their dresses — I wish I had pictures!)

So when our girls, Kelly and Kristy were young, we followed suit. Susan always made a big deal of their new dresses. They looked so cute and we were very proud (I know that we should have been very humbled on Easter, but they were beautiful!) of both Kelly and Kristy.

Now the girls do the same thing with their 6 children. Today, they’ll all be in their places at church for Easter Sunday Service with hair slicked, new clothes and shoes, and ready to meet with our God.

Sunday afternoon is the traditional Easter egg hunt for the kids, but of course it’s been raining so hard this weekend that we’ll do it in doors this year. After church we’ll be going to Tom and Kelly’s home to eat our Easter lunch. Turkey and ham are on the menu today with all the trimmings. Susan loves to cook for the family. She feels like it’s her privilege, but one day, hopefully, the girls will relieve her.

Susan’s mom will be there of course, as will Joanne Wolf (mom’s dear friend, my former Bible College teacher and my family’s pastor). After lunch and the dessert, both our daughters and their families will go to their respective in-laws for Easter dinner (and more treats). Susan and I will have an early evening to be home and relax. I’m already looking forward to that!

Happy Easter!


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