Friday, April 07, 2006

Wee College

Well, I am back in town after a busy few days on the island. Though I enjoyed my trip, I'm glad to be home. I hope to have some additional posts about my visit to Courtenay, so check back next week.

One of my favourite times of the year is Wee College graduation. Our daughter Kristy is the President of our fifty plus Wee College student body. The Freshmen are five, Sophomores are six and the Grads are seven years old.

By the time they finish their three-year course the children have memorized well over a hundred verses. They can quote entire chapters of the Bible, know all the major divisions and books of the Bible and have learned to apply the Word in their young lives. Do you see why I love it?

Last Saturday we had about three hundred people (parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents) clapping and cheering for our kids as they spouted their Bible knowledge.

Thank God for the cast of parents and young adults who work alongside Kristy to teach our children how to treasure the Word of God deep in their hearts. That Bible truth will protect them from evil, light the path before them, bring them comfort, hope and healing as needed, and serve to correct and discipline them over and over along the path that God has specially designed for each of them.

You’ll notice in the picture to the right, two special scholars. They are my darling grandchildren—Madeline and Maxwell. I’m hardly a proud papa!

It is easy for me to imagine the wonderful adults they, and the other students, will grow up to become because of their hard work at Wee College.


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Stever said...

one thing that always amazed me is the power God gave the mind of children -- I couldnt imagine memorizing the torah by the age of 10!