Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pacific Master's Commission

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know I've spent the last couple of days in Courtenay. I've been teaching a bright class of Master’s Commission students. My assignment has been to teach the entire Old Testament in about 15 hours (Wednesday and Thursday this week, and Wednesday next week).

I’ve had a great time interacting with both the students and pastors of our Courtenay Foursquare Church. We managed to get through, with admirable enthusiasm, the first 5 books of the Old Testament over these past 2 days, so that only leaves 34 more books for next week! We’re going to make it. The students have read both Red Thread I and 2, and I use my Penteteuch and Old Testament syllabuses as notes for them to keep.

I love the concept of Courtenay’s Pacific Master’s Commission. It’s different from Bible College in that the students live with families in the church and serve in the church throughout the week. The practical experience has a mutual benefit to both the students and the church. Here’s what they write on their web page:

“Pacific Master’s Commission (PMC) is a training ground for ministry focusing on providing an atmosphere where students can meet ‘face to face’ with God. PMC is not only for those who desire full time ministry, but also for those who desire to pursue Jesus and then make Him known to the world.

After 9 months, you will have received

  • ‘Hands on’ ministry experience

  • Biblical training (transferable to Pacific Life Bible College)
    Leadership and Mentoring opportunities

  • Practical skills to be used in your community and local church

  • Experience in a wider range of ministry opportunities than you knew existed

  • A lifetime worth of recreation playing hard in the Comox Valley"

I'm looking forward to my trip back to the island next week.


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