Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Things Are Happening

Friday was an inspiring day for me. I started out with an early meeting PLBC where we updated our progress in the Building Leaders Campaign. It was so encouraging to see how the various churches had bought into the potential we have of raising up a new generation of leaders. There are still several more to hear from so we don't have a final figure on the gifts and pledges yet. I'll keep you updated.

After returning to my office I had a series of appointments covering various issues, but among them were 4 women in a row with exciting visions that they thankfully shared with me. First came Nicola who has a huge desire and plan to establish homes for young expectatant moms with no place to go. She's already raised over a half million dollars to begin. Secondly Lana came. She's taking a years leave of absence from her medical career to work as a missionary in Costa Rica. I was thrilled to listen to the generosity of this woman I've known since she was our 2 year old neighbor. Then came Sulma. She's from Honduras, married a Canadian and has settled into suburban life here. Karsten and Sulma are planning on moving to Nicuragua to buy land and build a mission learning centre. People from our church will spend their vacations there training natives in whatever trade they know. Lastly, I spoke with Elizabeth who has begun a Stepping Stones ministry to help young single moms, who've never had the opportunity to learn basic parenting and living skills. To me this is what my job is all about - inspiring challenging and equipping people to step out into the great adventures God has already planned and prepared for them.


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