Monday, May 01, 2006


Every day while Susan and I sit by the pool here in the beautiful Baja, salesmen and women walk up and down the hot sandy beach selling their wares. It might be silver, blankets (Who knows why?), t-shirts or colorful beaded jewelry. We talked with a man today, his name is of course Jose, who's been walking up and down the two mile stretch for 20 years. Its very difficult walking on the soft sand in heavy clothes carrying a large case of wares. Jose had a cheery attitude and a huge smile dispite the fact that he had sold nothing and it was about 90 degrees in the shade (there is hardly a person to be found on the beach). But I was struck by his faithfulness. I thought "Wow! If he can be so faithful and have such a great attitude in his challenging job, how about me?" When Jesus comes back. He'll only ask me one thing, "Were you faithful to what I gave you to be?". Today I finished Chapter 13 of my new book. I've found so much to write about that I decided today to make it a trilogy. Hopefully I can write part 2 in the summer. I can hardly wait to get started, but I've got to finish the last 2 chapters of this one first. We're headed up to the dollar store to buy more paper.

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Judith said...

Hi Pastor Barry, Thank you for sharing this blog entry today. I have enjoyed reading all about your holiday and the things you and Susan are doing. This story about Jose was good, yes, that we too would be as faithful in our witness of Jesus as Jose is with selling his wares! I am excited for this new book that is taking shape. God's Blessings, Judith