Sunday, July 30, 2006

Life Purpose

Today in church I used Zaccheus as an example of someone who had lost his way in life. He had this amazing way of making money, was very successful, but was also unfulfilled. Why?

Jesus came along and offered him life, forgiveness and fulfillment. He told him he was on the look-out for people who had lost their way. When he said that, he hit Zach right between the eyes. He'd described his situation exactly. Zaccheus's mom had named him with a name that means "pure and just". Through the pursuits of his lif, Zaccheus had wandered off the path. Money had got a hold of him and had led him astray. His decision to give to the poor, and to make restitution was the right way for him to get back on track. That was what Jesus called "Salvation" for him.

I mentioned to the church that I would be teaching a special class on Thursday evenings at our Coquitlam Campus, starting mid September, an 8 week class on how to find your Life Purpose.
I'll also be videoing and making CD's of the class. After I'm finished, I'll make the DVD's or CD's along with my Life Purpose book and Workbook available for small group study. My prayer is that as all of discover and move into our destined purpose, we will enjoy the fulfilment that Zaccheus found.

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