Friday, August 26, 2005

What's on your Mind?

I've been writing this blog for a few weeks now and I wish I had time to share more about some of the people I meet, the problems they're encountering and the highs and lows of pastoring a large church but I worry it would be boring. So, I started thinking about this and it occurred to me that maybe some of you have questions you'd like me to answer or topics of interest.

Maybe you want to know about healing or deliverance but you're not comfortable asking someone you know. Perhaps you're wondering about premarital sex, how to know if you're in love or battling depression. Life is full of complications and the answers are not always as easy a reading a road map . . . not that we men do that very often!

I've written several books about our life's journey and purpose and I'm happy to talk about my experiences and the insights I believe God has given me. In fact, often when I am counselling someone I give them a copy of my book if I think it will help them find the answers they need.

So, what's on your mind? Fire away!

Well, never one to stand around with my hands in my pockets (a no-no in our family), I'm off to lend a helping hand to a friend.


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o.G.c.j.m said...

Dr. B. I do have a question. My question is why does no one have any answers for me? No one can tell us why we are here right? We need to figure it out ourselves. But some of us are not equipped to find the answers. Life becomes one long drawn out exercise in fultility. Why doesn't God just tell us what he wants from us? He apparently has our lives mapped out. So why won't He share it with us?