Saturday, March 04, 2006

Life Pathways Audio Program

I’m not exactly sure how I arrived here, but I believe that it’s the right place to be:

Last year I received a call from a man, in Winnipeg, who provides radio time across Canada. Somehow my name had been given to him, when he was on a trip to Los Angeles at a National Broadcaster’s Conference.

He asked me if I’d ever considered doing a Christian radio program. I said, “Me?” But in our subsequent chats, he peaked my interest. Those conversations and others from China, Philippines and across Canada have led me to this place today, where I and Jessica Cornell are ready to begin audio-streaming via the internet. Our first programs have been prepared from recent sermons on the 12 Steps program we use, called Higher Ground, and from conversations between us.

Our plan is to test the web for about a year before branching out into radio. Check out our first few programs by clicking on “Audio Programs” on my webpage. We’d love to get feedback either of comments or questions.

We’ll keep preparing programs as long as we see our listening audience expanding.

Thanks for being a part of this new challenge!


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