Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm Finally Edging . . .

. . . into the 21st century. Having failed (actually I quit) typing in grade 11, I’ve always been a little hesitant to use electronic equipment. I've avoided VCR’s, CD recording systems, computers and even telephones. Plus, I’ve always written everything out on paper using just a pen — every article, sermon, book, revision/edit and blog. To me a good pen works as an extension of my hand and my mind.

But I got myself a BlackBerry™ this week. I’d already moved into text messaging with my cell phone, so I was on the way. Now I can be connected to my calendar that my secretaries keep and have quicker access to the many e-mails that I receive.

Still, I’m not sure of the total positives that electronics have added to our day. When I think of Jesus pulling away with (or without) his disciples for a time out with God, he didn’t have a cell phone, watch, radio, lap top or fax machine. How did he survive? How’d he stay in touch? Maybe that was the idea—he didn’t want to.

In my early days of ministry we had one line on the telephone, regular mail and a Selectric typewriter. Now we’ve added a dozen lines of communication to our office, not to mention computers, scanners, and coloured photocopiers. But I wonder if we communicate better.

Oh well, I don’t have much time to think about those deep questions of life—I’ve got myself a BlackBerry™ to figure out. This well keep me occupied for at least a year. All tips and tricks are eagerly welcomed.


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