Thursday, October 13, 2005

Barcodes for Humans?

Thanks to the blog reader who asked this question. I never really thought about it too much but did a little checking and here's what I'm thinking.

First off, how are humans like a can of peas? The answer, in the very near future, will be we both have barcodes which will reveal everything inside of us.

That’s the idea behind the VeriChip, a rice sized microchip which can be implanted under your skin. The VeriChip ID has recently been approved by the US FDA for medical use in humans. Theoretically if a person is unable to speak, doctors can scan and quickly be linked to a data base with critical information—the person’s identity, blood type, allergies and medical history.

If you think this is a strange far-off Star Wars concept, think again. Already thousands of microchips have been implanted in pets and livestock for identification. If your implanted dog is lost it can be easily scanned to determine where he belongs. In cattle, it is used to track things like mad-cow disease.

Members of the drug cartel in South America reportedly get implanted with similar scans because they are subject to kidnapping. In Mexico the attorney general and his top aides have been chipped for security reasons. In Spain, at the Baja Beach Club, patrons can get a micro-chip with their financial information implanted. They can pay for drinks with a simple swipe of the arm.

Of course, that’s one of the many fears that opponents to the VeriChip are talking about. The two likely next steps to the human barcode are our financial records and mandatory implementation. The idea makes some sense. It’s easy to see how the implanted chip could replace our driver’s license, ID cards, passports and even credit cards.

It’s also very conceivable that like passports and driver’s licenses, they could be almost mandatory. Of course, you don’t have to have a driver’s license, but getting around is difficult without one. And try crossing any border these days without a passport (or being on a vacation and have your passport stolen . . . but we won't go there right now).

Other objectives are: adverse tissue reaction, electrical hazards, migration of the implanted transponder and of course, privacy issues. Theoretically somebody could easily walk by you with a reader device hidden in his backpack and have instant access to whatever records you have stored in your implant.

For those of us who have read the Bible, the use of imbedded microchips comes as no surprise. It is frightening how closely the Revelation of John describes the implantation and use of these amazing devices. The prophetic book written by the Apostle John almost two thousand years ago describes a world leader called the Anti-Christ who develops a global tracking and record keeping system. Ultimately, anyone who does not implant this device will not be allowed to travel, buy or sell.

Although the VeriChip is not what the Bible calls the “mark of the Beast”, it is undoubtedly a forerunner. It could take years of experimentation before the actual system will be put in place. It is good to be wary of any microchip implants. Although it is an ingenious system and will have many benefits for the modern consumer and merchandiser, its upside will one day be outweighed by a malevolent world ruler who will be determined to hold the world’s population under his control. The Bible does tell us clearly that we will know and be loudly warned before that day comes.

Meanwhile think carefully before you agree to having a barcode planted under your skin. Ask questions. What is the upside? What are the dangers?

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Pastor Barry,

I knew you were busy but WOW! Isn't it amazing what you can fit into your life when God leads the way?!!!

Thank you for being such an inspiration and giving all the glory to God for all your success.
I feel truly blessed to be a part of the journey. I love this BLOG site!! And I love our church.

Looking forward to seeing you on TV! Prayers to you and Susan. Have a good trip.....