Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back to Work

Emotionally it is very draining to get back into the flow of the work again, especially since there was a lot waiting for me when I returned.

As a result, I am trying spend most of my time with leadership and practicing the Pareto Principle: which is the 20%/80% principle. If I put 80% of my time into the 20% of those that are reproducing, which is the leadership of the church, that is the best investment of my time. Typically, pastors spend 80% of their time with the most needy 20% and then they have 20% to give to the rest of the church.

But Jesus spent most of his time, by far, with the leadership (his 12 disciples) and then 20% with the multitudes. I am trying to follow that pattern and it is very hard because you have to say no to certain people.

Over the next coming weeks, I will be practicing what I'm saying.

When I go to the Atlantic, for convention in Halifax, afterward, I will spend some time with the pastors of the 7 churches there. Then I will come back home and 4 days later, I will fly to the Philippines. But before I leave I have a prayer breakfast with the city leaders -- the mayors and councillors. Then on Sunday, I leave right after church for the Philippines for 16 days where I will be speaking to, and encouraging, pastors.

I will be back for about a week and then my brother Rob, the president of the Bible College, and I will be spending 2-3 days every week for the next 4 weeks with pastors from across Canada. We will be in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Vancouver Island.

Plus, I will be stopping in Winnipeg and a presentation of Life Purpose. I will find out when that will be on TV and will try to remember to post it here.

So, I'd better get back to my work. I wonder if there is a way I could do only 20% and have 80% miraculously done for me?


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