Friday, August 17, 2007

Monday August 13

On Monday we must have gained a few pounds as we ate three long meals through the day. First we met Pete & Penny Dewart for coffee. Penny pastors the Harvest Foursquare Church in Kelowna. Her house fellowship has a big vision for the holiday centre of BC.

Bob and Glenda Stewart are presently the Unit leaders of the interior. We had a delightful catch-up conversation with them over lunch. Bob is back doing a great job of pastoring our Princeton Church. He actually pastors the town of Princeton—gateway to the interior of British Columbia.

In the evening Susan and I sat over dinner with Gordon and Kate Fralick. This was our first long conversation with this very uniquely gifted pastoral couple. Gord serves on our Foursquare Care Team and has the skills and heart to pastor in very challenging transitional churches.

Sitting with the King

Finally the third of my three beautiful triplets (the kingdom girls) has been born. When Susan and I returned from Israel, many large boxes of “Sitting with the King” were waiting outside my door. This third book in my Kingdom Trilogy is the practicum part of our training for rulership. Book I gave the theory, in Book II we got to walk beside the Master and watch him work, but now we get to do the work ourselves.

In this easy to read manual on Spiritual Warfare, I’ve briefly described the battle in which we are engaged and also about 80 spiritual weapons we’ve been issued as our aronal. You can order Sitting with the King from our church or just email me at and I’ll mail you one. (I’ll extend the offer I’ve made to our church of $40.00 to over all 3 of the books. Book III by itself will sell outside of stores for only $15.00).

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