Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wild Adventures in Fun and Faith

Congratulations to my good friend Mary Goddard on the release of her second book, Wild Adventures in Fun and Faith. I met Mary in 1980 when she was widely known for her TV teachings on the Gifts of the Spirit. Mary was then the President of Christian Services Association (CSA) and was a popular circuit teacher on the Charismatic Movement. Her first book, Queen of Hearts (1980), which described here early years on the farm and her rise to fame was fun and easy to read. In her maturing years, Mary has not lost her zest for life, her sense of humour or her passion to see God move in her life.

I was so honoured to have her visit our church several years ago and was humbled when she decided to stay and sit under my ministry. She has taught many classes and has helped hundreds of seekers move into the fullness of the Spirit both in our church and in other venues, over these last several years.

I deeply value Mary’s friendship. She still serves as an elder on our staff. Read her book—you’ll learn about life while you are laughing about her true to life adventures with God and His church.


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