Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip to Ontario

May 18, 2008

This weekend I made a whirlwind flight to Ontario – the main purpose of my trip was to present the church Charter to Pastor Gina Dolor at Praise Christian Family Foursquare Church.
Pastor Gina and her wonderful Filipino church rolled out the red carpet for Marion and me as we proudly presented their Charter. The Church has flourished over their first 2 years.

After the service they killed the fatted pig and we feasted. I also was privileged to meet Folorunso & Olabimpe Akinniyi who are planting a new Foursquare church in Kitchener, Ontario.

Tom Burke (and Ron Morin) is now serving on staff with Ron at Hope for Tomorrow Church in Toronto. Every time I get to visit Pastor Ron, he announces a new church theirs is giving birth to. I’m sure the Apostle Paul and Ron would have lots of good stories to share. They have similar gifts.

My visit with Kiril & Daniela Popov and their children was inspiring. Kiril has communicated with us over the past several months from Bulgaria. He is a true church planter. As a young man he moved from Bulgaria to Greece, where he quickly picked up the language. Before long he’d started three churches there – Bulgarian, Russian and Algerian. We were so anticipating their arrival in Toronto, but felt the ground was so hard here, he may be disappointed. The Sunday following their arrival in Toronto, Kiril held his first Bulgarian service. He told me last month, he was already holding meetings in Russian, besides the Bulgarian church plant. Not bad for 3 months!

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Anonymous said...

May God bless this man whom God has blessed with languages for His Kingdom!

Nathanaël :-)