Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Cherry Tree

July 20, 2008
This isn’t a very clear picture but it is so important to me. A couple of years ago (on our 25th Anniversary of Northside Church) our Children’s Church under Pastor Ingrid Janzen’s leadership, gave me this cherry tree as a memorial of the fruitfulness our church has enjoyed among our children. We have almost 500 kids in the children’s ministry now. Because I’ve seen hundreds of former Kid’s Church members grow into fruitful adults, the cherry tree was very significant to me.

This year was a banner year. These are the first 2 cherries the tree has produced. They were a healthy beginning to a very large harvest in the years ahead. Unfortunately a bear invaded our back yard last week and devoured both of those plump cherries. I do hope he enjoyed them!

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Darrell Lahay said...

Great stuff!

Hey, it's better that the bear eat the cherries than kids.