Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We've Entered the Hot Zone

One of my first posts was about a wedding disaster made worse by the hellish heat. So, imagine my surprise when we hit the island of Mykenos and it's even hotter! No matter how warm it is, nothing can detract from the beauty of the island.

Watching the small white caps crash against the shore helped us feel a little cooler. And we thought the sandy beach, dotted with umbrellas, looked like giant mushrooms had invaded the island. As we watched the stunning sunset, I found myself thankful that God created such a picturesque place. I wish my imagination was just half a great as God's.

We learned that the most popular monument on the island (and one of the most photographed churches) is Paraportiani. It is five churches. It is believed that it was built gradually during the 16th and the 17th century. Over the years, normal wear and tear has contributed to the formation of the external changes to the building which has created a unique appearance.

Tomorrow we will dock at Kusadasi. Then next day we will stop in Athens then on to Santorini before heading back to Italy.

So, that's my brief post. We are well and safe.


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Mel said...

I went on a Biblical tour of Ancient Corinth last year.
I didn't make it to me an excuse to go back.
Have an amazing journey and keep blogging! It's great.
Mel plbc