Sunday, September 04, 2005

Getting Ready to Go

As my wife and I had been busy getting ready for our month long trip to Europe, I've been contemplating the similarities in preparations for getting ready for our journey to heaven.

A friend of mine is in the last stages of cancer, and as I sat with him last week, it occurred to me that dying is like leaving the country for an extended period of time. An eternity, to be exact and we need to have our house in order.

There are the financial things to take care of like making sure the bills are current and the funds are there to cover what might still be owing; the spiritual things to take care of and then all the issues with family (saying good-bye, etc.).

In addition to the foregoing, I recommend that everybody takes care of three things before they leave:

1. Say thank you to your family
2. Say I am sorry to your family
3. Say I love you to your family

Sometimes, you may even need to say I forgive you to someone in your family.

With these steps, you kind of clear the air with family and friends before you go. That’s all part of the preparation to your final journey to heaven and we never know when it will come either.

While I am away, I do not know if I will have much access to the internet, but I will try and keep you updated on the sites and sounds of our exciting trip.

I think mentioned in an earlier post that we are going to England for 4 days, then on to Paris where we will meet some friends. We board a cruise for 12 days after that, which stops at numerous ports, and then continue on our travels. I won't bore you with the details now but hopefully, I'll have plenty of stories and illustrations representing our life's journey to share upon my return.


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