Friday, July 06, 2007

July 4th Dalhousie NB

Independance Day across the border but Busy Day here in downtown Alma NB. This morning we got up early in Moncton because we needed to be in Dalhousie northern NB by noon. It was a beautiful drive up north and we arrived exactly on time to meet Pastors Paul and Joyce Bertin.
Dalhousie is a lovely pulp mill town of 3000. The mill used to employ 1200 but due to automation now needs 30 people per shift. Imagine the economic effect of such downsizing. After lunch we went to are the old lighthouse. You'll see Quebec up north behind Paul and Joyce. Its just across the inlet

After our walk in the park Susan and I booted it south to Bathurst, a bilingual town where Pastors Doug and Anne Peto serve. After dinner we drove with Doug and Anne to see their building. I am very full of faith for this church. They have tremendous potential!
Then we headed further South past Moncton to the small fishing Village of Alma we put on about 800 clicks today and when we weren't driving we were eating. Next week its back to Salads and water!

Peter and Donna were waiting for is when we arrived at their picturesque Bed and Breakfast at 10:30

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