Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh, Canada

Congratulations Prime Minister Harper!

I believe as God encourages us to, that we have a responsibility and privilege to honour, respect and pray for every power who rules. Whether we like what they stand for or not, the Bible says that God raises up and puts down political leaders at his will.

All throughout history, God has used both good and bad leaders to fulfill his purpose. We were studying last night, in our Bible Study, how God purposely raised up King Cyrus in Persia to do his bidding. One hundred and fifty years before Cyrus was even born, Isaiah prophesied what his name would be, what he would do and how he would do it. Amazing!

God has a good plan for Stephen Harper. How awesome it is to have an evangelical Christian in the highest seat of our nation. We need to pray for his wisdom and courage to be experienced daily.

Whatever Mr. Harper does, good or bad, it will disappoint some Christians, who have unrealistic and lofty expectations that he should make Canada into a Christian country. At the same time, whatever he does will bring sharp criticism from antagonists who see every action as being too Christian! God bless our Prime Minister.

I believe that having an evangelical believer in the Prime Minister’s chair will take the plug out of the free flow of God’s grace in our nation. There will be a new found freedom in the spirit realm, but also a rise of spiritual opposition from the evil one who hates righteousness and godliness.

God bless our Prime Minister and the members of his parliament!



R2K said...

Looks like a great building.

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Judith said...

Hi Pastor Barry, Thank you for sharing. Yes I agree with you as a Born again believer myself we need to pray for Prime Minister Harper and his cabinet each and everyday. I am praying for revival to sweep across this vast land of ours. May many lives be drawn to Jesus and may Canada and it's people be restored back to it's Godly Roots. God Bless your weekend and may you have a good Sunday filled with God's bountiful blessings.Good to see you and Susan your wife at Randi's Funeral/Memorial Homecoming service today. What a tribute to a special sister and friend who lived her life before Jesus for so many years. I was richly blessed and encouraged listening to the many stories about Randi's life. She sure will be missed but always remembered. She was a precious friend and sister to me over the many years I knew her. There are a lot of good memories. Thank you for your message this afternoon. I believe the family and those who attended were impacted for the Kingdom of God. I believe the stories of Randi's faith challenged many to make decisions for Christ. I always enjoy reading your blogs and the Pastor's Perspective. Keep Shining for Jesus!! God Bless, Your Sister in Christ, Judith

Fixer guy said...

Hey PAstor B
I think we need to pray for the maintenance guys who have to look after those old builings!!1 oops gotta go I think a sink needs fixin' Rick