Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Last week, our youngest grandchild, Jordan turned two. What a delight he is. He's one of those kids who is always happy. Even when he bumps his head or when his big brother is play fighting with him, he still comes out smiling.

Our family and several friends of Kristy and Jeremy got together to celebrate Jordan's big day. There was an incredible amount of food and noise. Susan and I find it hard to believe all six grandkids are growing up so quickly — but we love every day we get to be with them.

Speaking about little Jordy. Two weeks ago his mom had a trying experience. Kristy was in her room, when Jordan and Jacob (7) got the great idea of cooking his pet monkey in their microwave. This was an expensive, talking toy monkey, so it had metal inside as well as on the outside (part of his belt). Needless to say, the monkey didn't have a chance once the microwave set it on fire.

When Kristy smelled the smoke, she rushed into the kitchen to discover the toy in flames. She snapped open the oven door, grabbed the burning animal and started to blow like crazy. Jacob was smart enough to fear his mother’s wrath, but Jordan was too stunned to understand all that was going on. He helped Kristy blow out the fire and as he did it, he sang, “Happy Birthday to you.” To him, blowing out flames is a sure sign that there’s a party going on!

I feel a little like Art Linkletter today!


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