Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December 5

Next Tuesday is going to be one of my favorite days this year. I've asked several of our visionary entrepreneur pastors from across Canada to meet with our Executive Council and National Board to talk about their visions for church health and reproduction over the next few years
I've been hearing such inspiring dreams and plans from several of our pastors lately. from almost every unit across Canada. We're using terms that relate human reproduction. Rather than using agricultural metaphors such as planting, we're thinking about birthing, adopting and fostering churches.
I've been hearing some encouraging stories that run parallel to my own vision for the Canadian church. They include multiple campuses, video churches, house churches, multiple births (birthing 2 or 3 churches at a time), adopting established ethnic churches and fostering (that word means they are not family, but they are in relationship) independent churches.
I'll write again after our day of listening next Tuesday. I think you will feel the rising enthusiasm and maybe hear something from the Father of the Church yourself.

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