Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life Purpose for Kids

On Tuesday July 21st I taught about twelve children how to find their Life Purpose. We began our day with a visit to a cemetery to think about our finish to life on earth, "What will people say about us when we die?"

Then I read a story I wrote, "Joseph's Excellent Bad Day" for kids to help them understand their Life Purpose has been set by our Creator.

Finally I gave each child the meaning of their names and we made a poster to remind us of our prophetic beginning.

What a happy and fun day!

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Leanne Lapierre said...

Good morning, Barry!
Do you have the "Joseph's Excellent Bad Day" printed or somewhere that I could read it to DJ & Timothy? I would like to help them think about their future and start to develop in them the foundation of Life Purpose.

Thanks from Kamloops!
Leanne Lapierre